James deBoer and Marian Thorpe are serving a one year term as long-term volunteers with the Round Table for Mission Development of the Disciples of Christ Church in Argentina and Paraguay. Their work is supported by Global Ministries, a common witness of the Disciples of Christ Church and the United Church of Christ.

James is a member of Central Congregational Church in Providence, RI, and Marian is a member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Spokane, Washington.

For further information about Global Ministries, visit http://www.globalministries.org/.

Contact James and Marian at resistanceandacceptance (at) gmail.com.

All posts and photos, except where noted, belong to James and Marian. Please seek their permission before using any of the contents of this blog.

The background image is courtesy of  David Monniaux © 2005, used by permission.

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  1. 1 Thandiwe

    Hi! I so appreciate your blog,and I hope it’s alright that i have put a link to it from my blog as well! This is a wonderful resource! Blessings

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