Who is Jesus Christ?


A hill in Caacupe from the home of retired missionary Juanito Carter.

One aspect of worship in Argentina and Paraguay that I came to appreciate is the central focus on Jesus Christ. In some United States contexts, I think we sometimes feel that we should focus more on God the Father/Mother to be more inclusive. I understand and share the motives guiding this decision. All the same, a Christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the person who I know. Jesus Christ is the person who walked with us, who cared for us, who fed us, and who freed us. He is also the person who suffered with us and dies with us and resurrected for us.


A tree at sunset in the Misión de Amistad.

Yet despite the focus on Jesus Christ in Rio de la Plata liturgy, the theology favors God the Father. Most people believe that God has a plan for everything and that therefore, everything happens only because God chooses for it to happen. But the world knows too much sadness for me to believe this.

With Jesus Christ, however, we have God among us. The God of all creatures came to dwell with us, live with us, and die with us. The God of all creatures understands our suffering and soothes our pain, even when there might not be any way to ever cure it. The God of all creatures who imparts to us peace and the impetus for peace, not to mention the implements, calls us out to the task of seeking the peaceable reign. This is the God I worship.


Spring buds on the tree right outside our gate on Arturo Illia, Resistencia.

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  1. 1 Tim Lehnert

    Welcome back and congratulations on a revealing and productive mission!

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