Pastora Dora Imfeld, 1946 – 2012


Dora Imfeld died this morning in Resistencia, after several months of treatment and operations related to her cancer. Funeral services were held this evening in Vedia, her home town, where she was the pastor of the Disciples of Christ congregation. The church was filled to capacity with family, friends, neighbors, well-wishers, and church members.

Dora inspired many of us with her energy, her sense of humor, her deep commitment to the Gospel, her care, and her patience. We have been especially moved by her leadership in the construction of a new church building, after the old one was leveled by a tornado. Thanks to her sacrifice and dedication, the building is now usable as a church and work continues to progress.

We request your thoughts and prayers for her family and for the church in Vedia.

4 Responses to “Pastora Dora Imfeld, 1946 – 2012”

  1. 1 Tim Bobbitt

    We are greatly saddened to hear of Dora’s death. She was a wonderful servant God and will be greatly missed. Please send our love to her family, the people of Vedia and the Disciple Church of Argentina.
    Que Dios les bendiga,
    Tim and Jodi Bobbitt

    • 2 James deBoer

      Tim and Jodi – thank you for your thoughtful message. We will share it with the church here. Many blessings!

  2. Dear James and all,
    My prayers for Dora’s family and friends. She was a remarkable servant of God and left an incredible legacy. May you cherish the special memories that her life marks. You’ve been blessed to witness the fruits of her labor. I pray her work continues.
    Peace and
    Abundant Blessings

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