Mother’s Day! (Argentina)


A card with a prayer and a tea-kettle magnet on the altar of the church at Barranqueras.

October 21st is mother’s day in Argentina! People find many ways to show their affection and appreciation for their moms on this special day. Children in Sunday school were especially busy making cards and other craft projects to say “I love you!”

“Happy Mother’s Day! I love you! I hope you have a great day!”

During worship in Resistencia, every mother received a handcrafted decorative vase:

Ana Pacce receives her jar and a greeting from Erica.

Roswitha has two kids in the church, so, two jars!

Mother’s day in Argentina is also an occasion to honor the women who step in and serve as mothers in many ways, including grandmothers and other role models in our families, and our spiritual mothers in the church.

Longtime member Antonia receives her jar from Inés.

Susana with grandkids Brian and Natalia.

A few times in the course of the day people asked me if I had called my mother. Each time I would think, “oh, I need to do that,” until I realized that it’s not Mother’s Day in the U.S. Instead, our mother’s day is in May – another time of the year, but also right in the middle of Spring, as it is here in Argentina.

But a different October U.S. holiday is making its way south and slowly gaining in popularity – only 10 days after Mother’s Day is Halloween!


One Response to “Mother’s Day! (Argentina)”

  1. Happy Mothers Day James and Marion!
    I am delighted to hear about how it is celebrated in Argentina. Thank you for the reflection and photos. Did you call your mom?
    Have a God blessed day,

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