October 13, Day of the Psychologist


October 13 is the Day of the Psychologist here in Argentina. The day is commemorated with speeches, gatherings, and swearing-in ceremonies for new psychologists. The day was initially proposed in 1974 at a conference of students of psychology. Subsequently, during the dictatorship, the government targeted psychologists and psychology students for kidnappings, torture, and death. The Day of the Psychologist therefore serves in part to remember what happened.

Today, psychologists in Argentina remain committed to the five traditional areas of clinics, forensics, work-place, education, and health. Yet psychologists endeavor to be present in every sector of society, wherever decisions are made that affect health and well-being. And so, the field of Psychology is rapidly growing to encompass new areas – psychology of transit, for instance.

In faculties throughout the county, psychologists continue to be trained and minted. Please welcome one of Resistencia’s newest, Eliana Macchi!

Here is Eliana with mother Simona and father Luís, Pastor of the church in Resistencia and President of the Argentina Disciples, just after Saturday’s swearing-in.

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