Binational Encounter, 9/29/12


Here are some pictures from the two-church spiritual retreat held at Campamento Jack Norment, in Paraguay. 400 Disciples from Argentina and Paraguay came together for a day of worship, song, Bible study, fellowship, and fun!

Everyone was invited to bring their instrument or sing along to well-known songs. Here you can see Pastor Félix Ortiz from Global Ministries with his flute!

During Bible study time, the children constructed churches of their own using whatever materials they could find – and judging by how creative they were and how well their models turned out, I am confident the church of tomorrow is in good hands!

The adults, meanwhile, addressed John 15:1-17 and Ez. 37:15-19 in their Bible studies, texts which relate to unity and oneness in Christ. (In the upper left is a wooden tribute to “chiperas”, women who sell yucca-flour/cheese fritters on buses and in plazas all over Paraguay.)

The youth had their Bible study as well, with Pastor Néstor Aveiro.

After lunch, we got to work planting trees in a field that camp staff is hoping to reforest.

The day concluded with a Closing Circle, where every family received a Yucca cutting to plant back home. The cutting serves as a symbol of unity of the vine of all Christians, and we are hopeful that for next year’s encounter, everyone will bring with them the yuccas that they grow from the cutting.

Thank you very much to everyone who made the day possible, especially the Mesa Redonda, the Campamento family, the Comisión Directiva, the Pastoral Comission, the Christian Education Commission, the Consejo General, and Global Ministries / the Division of Overseas Ministries. Many blessings!!

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