Different shapes of internationalism


Resistencia’s artsy side was on display last month with the arrival of the Biennial, an event that brought together sculptors from all over the world to demonstrate their art live in front of thousands of visitors. Twelve artists from countries as far away as South Korea, Syria, and India spent the week turning giant blocks of marble into their own visions of the theme “The Prophecy.” After the Biennial comes to a close, the winning sculptures remain in the city dotting the squares and sidewalks.

“I would go without even thinking about it!”

This year’s theme came about as a response to the Mayan prophecy for 2012. Since the sculptors were identified by country of origin, I found myself thinking about current events and how they were reflected in the sculptures; here is one entitled Svela, by the Syrian Elias Naman. The explanatory text reads, “a woman covered with a veil as the life and future covered by the mystery and the prophecy that reveals these mysteries…”

We enjoyed the international character of the event, especially as it took place around the same time as the Olympics. As missionaries and cultural ambassadors of sorts, it was exciting to participate in such an intercultural moment and to feel how proud the Resistencians are as hosts. I felt hope that the many differences that we find between countries can serve as points of celebration, rather than of conflict.

May cultural connections and sharing continue to bless us and bring us together!

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