Laboring in the Vineyard


“And all the people responded with a great shout when they praised the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.”
Ezra 2:11

The Disciples of Christ church in General Vedia arose from the fields of northwestern Argentina in 1959, and now, fifty-three years later, again arises. Farmers and their families first came together to worship on June 16, 1959 in response to the radio evangelism of Rev. Ángel Peiró, broadcasting from Resistencia, 86 kilometers away. They built a small chapel, and over a hundred people regularly participated in worship. In the mid-60’s, however, the land changed hands, and in the conversion from agriculture to livestock, most of the community was evicted. Some farmers came to General Vedia, the nearest town, and built a new church and parsonage.

Vedia's Church History Timeline

A timeline of the history of Vedia's Disciples of Christ Congregation

In the following decades, the church played an active role in the community. Church members initiated a partnership with subsistence farmers from the surrounding area to start a poultry farm, which provided jobs for many people. In the wake of a devastating flood in 1983, the church opened its doors to serve as Vedia’s kindergarten. Then, following Argentina’s economic crisis of 2001-3, the congregation began a free lunch program serving over 55 children continuously over a period of eight years.

Two years ago, a tornado touched down in the village. Thankfully, no one was killed, but the church building was completely destroyed. So, resilient as ever, the congregation came together to build a new church, in which we had the honor to worship for its second Sunday in use. The construction continues, and members continue to make sacrifices to purchase supplies and pay contractors. Even the youth are pitching in, raising money by selling homemade bread around the community. And of course, the church members are very grateful for financial support from Global Ministries and the national Disciples of Christ Church.

Vedia, old and new

The new church building, with the remnants of the destroyed church in the foreground

We are so moved by the dedication of the church leaders and by the energy of everyone we’ve met in Vedia. They are a shining example of the Holy Spirit at work among us.

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