World Day of Prayer


Earlier this month we participated in the World Day of Prayer, an annual international ecumenical celebration organized by Christian women. Each year, women from a different nation prepare a worship guide around issues that are important to their country. Women around the world use the guide to plan their own worship services, praying for the unique needs of their sisters in the organizing country, and reflecting on similar issues at home.

Día Mundial de Oración

Preparing for worship at the German Evangelical Congregation of Asunción (Lutheran)

This year’s World Day of Prayer was organized by women in Malaysia, who chose the theme, “Let Justice Reign.” The organizers of the prayer service in Asunción commented on the many similarities between the concerns of the women in Malaysia and their own concerns in Paraguay.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the very relevant, thoughtful, and moving service:

Guide: Lord of Grace, we pray for migrant workers, for the weak, for the poor, for the marginalized, that their cries for help be heard. We pray that when they clamor for assistance, for relief from their discrimination, for the restoration of their rights and their dignity, that those in power might act.

All: Holy Spirit, instill in us the strength to work for justice and peace.

Día Mundial de Oración

Singing together for justice and peace

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