Summer Camp


We suggest wearing sunglasses if you plan to mention the words “Campamento Jack Norment” to any Paraguayan Disciple of Christ youngster between the ages of 11 and 24. The kid’s face is sure to light up like a campfire.

Camp Rules

Camp rules! The very first rule is: Enjoy this place to the fullest!

The Jack Norment Camp was established in 1948 by missionaries from the United States. The camp has become a Paraguayan institution, raising several generations of DOC members on campfire songs, silly talent show skits, and the chance to nurture one’s spiritual life amidst the beautiful fields and forests of southern Paraguay.

The camp’s current directors are Jorge and Mabel Terol, who grew up together in the DOC and spent many summers at the facility. Little did they suspect that they might one day run the place. They recently showed us around the site, their care and passion for the facility shining through as they talked about the camp’s history and its future.

Learn more about Campamento Jack Norment: English | Spanish

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