On our recent visit to Buenos Aires, we had the chance to worship with the congregation of El Buen Pastor (“the good shepherd”). Buen Pastor is one of Buenos Aires’ two congregaciones unidas (“united congregations”), meaning that Disciples of Christ members worship side by side with members of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina.

El Buen Pastor

The sanctuary of El Buen Pastor in Buenos Aires

Bustling Buenos Aires felt overwhelming after the slower pace of life in Resistencia, so we were relieved to step into Buen Pastor’s quiet sanctuary and soak up the church’s warm sense of fellowship.

After the service, everyone gathered to celebrate the congregation’s February birthdays. Standing around a delicious-looking birthday cake, church members told each of the four birthday celebrants characteristics that they appreciated about them:

“You bring a positive attitude to everything you do.”

“You always have wise advice for me.”

“You’re such a hard worker. This church couldn’t run without you.”

A few years ago, when James and I moved to a new city and were looking for a new church, I had two criteria: great music and a great preacher. In hindsight, I clearly forgot that it’s not only moving music or a brilliant sermon that help me develop my spirituality. The birthday celebration at Buen Pastor reminded me that if we are intentional about letting our interactions at church go beyond a quick handshake at the sharing of the peace, or a rushed “good morning” in the coatroom, our relationships with our fellow churchgoers also help us grow in our faith.

What’s more, as James and I soon discovered, intentional, thoughtful fellowship makes birthday cake taste that much sweeter.

One Response to “Fellowship”

  1. 1 Thandiwe

    Yes, fellowship and the community that it builds is such an important part of worship and church for me. Thanks for your regular sharing. And for the beautiful pictures!

    Blessings, Thandiwe

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