Jack of All Trades


Whether you live in the U.S., Argentina, or Paraguay, being a pastor requires many, many skills: preaching, counseling, teaching, conflict management, public relations, strategic planning, and maybe even construction and food prep.

Every single pastor we’ve met in Argentina and Paraguay has a job description that would fill dozens of pages. For example, Dora Imfeld, pastor of the DOC church in General Vedia, Argentina, is currently managing the construction of a new church building after the old church was destroyed by a tornado. She said it’s been a challenge: ” ‘Lord,’ I prayed, ‘I signed up to take care of the sheep, not build the whole corral!’ ”

Pastor Luís Macchi, of Resistencia, recently repaired our roof, fixed a window blind, installed a screen on our bathroom window, and trouble-shot the church’s bad phone connection. And here he is cooking dinner for 40 kids during last week’s camping trip.

Pastor/Cocinero Luis Macchi

Pastor Luís prepares dinner for 40 hungry campers

All we can say is, thank you!

2 Responses to “Jack of All Trades”

  1. If only the two of you weren’t so one dimensional… I really appreciate getting these tastes of your experiences down there, keep up the good work. Hope all is well!

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