Piñata Recap


They came, they saw, they smote. The piñata was a smashing success at last week’s children’s camp in Resistencia.


Piñata, round one

The camp leaders modified the lesson plan slightly by constructing the piñata ahead of time and using it to kick off camp activities. The leaders filled the paper orb with sweets and special pencils that said “Jesus loves me.” The kids broke open the piñata and used the pencils to write letters to God. They also wrote down their hopes for the camp: to make new friends, learn new things, share God’s love, etc. Everyone deposited the letters, hopes, and the pencils into a special mailbox.

God's mailbox

God's mailbox

The camp leaders used the children’s letters to patch the piñata pieces back together, and on the final day, the kids once again broke open the piñata. This time, they received the pencils and a piece of paper with someone else’s hopes for the camp.

Piñata, round 2

The reconstructed piñata, featuring the children's letters to God

The takeaway: everything the children learned and experienced at camp should be shared with their friends and families back home. By sharing their experiences, the kids strengthen their relationships with each other, with their communities, and with God.


2 Responses to “Piñata Recap”

  1. What a wonderful way to bookend this camp! I love the idea of putting the pinata back together. Thanks for the photos and for sharing! Blessings and prayers. Thandiwe
    p.s. please let me know if there are things that you need or ways in which my church community can support you in your ministry.

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