“…I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

Aeroparque Newbery

Almost there!

Matthew 25:35

There’s nothing like 28 hours of travel to make you feel like you’ve arrived at the other side of the world.  We left our apartment in New York around 4 pm on Sunday afternoon and boarded a plane for Toronto. From Toronto, we flew to Santiago, Chile and then to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a trip of about 14 hours in total. After going through immigration and customs in Buenos Aires, we caught a bus for the domestic airport and hopped on another plane for Resistencia, arriving around 10 pm on Monday night. In 28 hours (Argentina is two hours ahead of New York), we had traveled from the northern hemisphere to the southern, from winter to summer, from English to Spanish, from the city that never sleeps to the city that sleeps in the middle of the day.

We deplaned in Resistencia in a haze of weariness, sweat, and lingual bewilderment. What a relief to see three smiling faces at the other end of the ramp, and to hear the welcoming words of Pastor Luís Macchi, his wife, Simona, and his daughter, Eliana.

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