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On our first Sunday in Paraguay, we had the opportunity to worship at the very oldest DOC church in the country, and at one of the youngest. We soon discovered that we couldn’t have picked two more different churches! Our morning started with a visit to Luque (“LOO-kay”), a suburb of Asunción. Pastor Roberto Martínez explained […]

“You show me the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy; in your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Ps 16:11 Our assignment as consultants for mission development is a collaborative effort with the Christian Church / Disciples of Christ churches of Argentina and Paraguay. So, a few weeks into our time […]

Whether you live in the U.S., Argentina, or Paraguay, being a pastor requires many, many skills: preaching, counseling, teaching, conflict management, public relations, strategic planning, and maybe even construction and food prep. Every single pastor we’ve met in Argentina and Paraguay has a job description that would fill dozens of pages. For example, Dora Imfeld, pastor […]

Piñata Recap


They came, they saw, they smote. The piñata was a smashing success at last week’s children’s camp in Resistencia. The camp leaders modified the lesson plan slightly by constructing the piñata ahead of time and using it to kick off camp activities. The leaders filled the paper orb with sweets and special pencils that said […]



One of Argentina’s favorite beverages is probably mate (“MAH-tay”), a tea-like beverage made from a South American relative of the holly plant. To my taste buds, it’s a little bit like a very strong green tea. We’ve seen all kinds of people drinking mate in every possible setting: the cashier was drinking it when I […]

It’s been a busy week! Last Saturday we traveled to Asunción, Paraguay, to meet with church leaders there.  We returned just in time to join in on all the fun at the children’s camping trip. Here is a picture from Asunción’s cultural center, known as Museo del Cabildo. More details to come!

Psalm 100:2 I mentioned that Iglesia Esperanza in Resistencia has a lively music program for young people. Not only do the youth provide the music for the weekly church services, but they also perform regularly at community events around Resistencia with youth from the Barranqueras congregation. Argentine public schools don’t typically offer much in the way […]